Thursday, 29 April 2010


Wow - it was a long journey, but I've finally arrived!  Let me tell you my story so far......Havering Libraries used to have a monkey as their mascot - he went around "shadowing" people in the library service and seeing what went on behind the scenes.  He went on holiday to China in February and decided it was so nice (he met a lady monkey!) that he decided to stay and start a family!  So, the search was on for a new library "representative" - and they found me! 

I was living in New York until just recently - I was looking for a change (a dragon in New York sometimes gets unwanted attention!) so I stuck a pin in a map and it hit Great Britain.  Of course, I had heard all about London so thought I would head there and see what sort of a job I could pick up.  Long story short...I went along to a recruitment day Havering Libraries were having and passed my tests- one of them was a quite difficult alphabetical ordering test - so, after an interview with Ruth and Nicky, I was asked to join the Reader Development Team.  I'm really not too sure what that team do, but hey, sure I will pick it up!

The library service peeps are going to name me - believe it or not, us dragons don't have names normally - its most definitely a "people thing"!  I have to have a name to get paid and stuff like that so they are going to come up with a name for me - I hope its something good and reflects my literary leanings - sometimes I lean so far I fall over!

I thought  I would share some photos that were taken by Josh's mum (Ruth) of my arrival! I am staying with Josh and his mum and dad for the time being.

I look a little shy in this picture - but I was actually looking for my glasses - I only need them for reading and flying!

Josh's mum said she would find them for me later!

I am not overly tall, so it was quite a struggle to get out of the box!  Notice the way no one helped me?

Yes - they even took a photo of me taking a topple!

No harm done though - well the very tiniest bruise on my horn, but mustn't complain!  The carpet was a tad rough though!

Hmmmm - yes - have to find out more about this strange beast - and quick - it was sitting on my glasses and left them covered in fluff!

Phew - I am really quite exhausted after all this typing - having only three fingers can make it a slow process!

Anyway - enough for now!

Dragon x