Thursday, 28 October 2010

Full or Empty - which is the best?

 I just cant it better to see a display thats nearly empty?  It means the books on it were popular and people wanted to take them home.  On the other hand, it looks a little unloved and sad.
Or - is this better?  Lots of books to choose from, great selection.

I think I like the full display better - if I was going shopping then I would rather pick from a full shelf than a half empty one - otherwise I would wonder if I am getting the dregs that no one else wants!

Dexter x

Thursday, 21 October 2010

All the single ladies, all the single ladies!

 I had a blast at the Havering Poets, Poetry Slam!  I met lots of lovely ladies!  And the poetry was pretty good too!..

Every year, Havering Libraries run a poetry competition.  The prize is to be published in the annual Havering Poets Anthology.  Its quite an honour to be selected - and awfully hard work for the judges to decide which ones go through.
 Yay - and here I am with Madam Mayor again!  I was a little bit shy about meeting her again - I think she may have read the bit I wrote before, about me sleeping with her picture under my pillow!
 And yet another gorgeous famous type person!  This lady is our MP Angela Watkinson....I have been held by a Mayor and an MP in the same day!  Be still my beating heart!

These were some of the people who joined in with the poetry slam - lots of people were brave enough to read their own poems out!  WOW!

Josh's dad helped me write this little ditty....

Dexter had a cuddle with Pam
At the Havering Poetry Slam
When Angela found out
She gave a loud shout

.....except we couldnt think of a last line!!!  But, if it helps....SAM CAM might work in some way!

Please tell me if you can complete this little ditty!

dexter x

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Human Libraries

Yes - these might look like people but they are actually BOOKS!

You have seen Ron (big smile!) before on my blog but these are some of the other books (there are more).  They talk about their lives - good and not so good bits - but they are normally heartwarming, honest tales.  I spoke to a lady who had been involved in a terrible car accident - she is amazing and her story showed how strong people can be!

They were doing an event as part of our Word Weeks - phew, the last two weeks have been really busy.  We have had Martin Bell, Edwina Currie and lots of other things going on!

I have really fallen behind in my posting on here!  So, look out as I will be working hard to catch up!

Oh - and if you would like to find out more about Human Libraries then pop over to their

Dexter x

Monday, 11 October 2010

Class visit

 I like Jacky alot - she wears very nicely coloured trousers!  And look at how closely she is holding me...I felt very secure!  I was a little nervous because I was helping Jacky to do a class visit!

 This is the bit when Jacky was telling the children all about the library and asking them questions to check they understood!

They were lovely children - so well behaved!

I really didnt need to be nervous at all - they were so nice and quiet - even when they were looking at the books after Jacky had finsished telling them about the library!

thanks for popping by today!

Dexter x