Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Recycling Workshop

In February half term, we will be running junk modelling sessions in Havering Libraries.  As with most of our events, we try to get a message across to the children who come and have fun...normally its all around books (obviously), but this time we are doing a dual message.  We will be sharing books about recycling (how it's done, what the processes are etc) but we also needed to learn the "official" recycling message.

Enter the delightful Libbi!   Libbi is from our recycling charity - recycle for your community.  She was great, we spoke about what could and couldn't go into the orange sacks we have in Havering.  Josh's mum has been a bit "over-enthusiastic" with her recycling and was glowing a very unattractive shade of red at the end of this bit!

Of course, after all that chatter we had to get Libbi a nice cuppa!  Errrhmmmmm - I won't mention who then went on to knock said cup of tea all over the table a bit later....lets just say that Josh's Mum seemed to spend much of that session looking an interesting colour!

This was the table during the session!  Libbi gave us lots of suggestions for craft sessions we could do around recycling!  

As ever, I threw myself into the session - literally!  Libbi didn't even spot me - mind you, I was camouflaged!

These are some of the things we made!  A very nice box - the blue and orange one at the front.  Some giftbags - can you see it?  Its just behind me!  Jacky made me a necklace with paper beads - it was very funny watching her make these - whenever she let go of the beads they kept pinging undone again! 

Oh yes - Jacky also gave me a rather fetching rosette/flower!  And insisted I wear it like a hat - what is it with these women?

This was my fave - it was a bag made from a page in a magazine!  Josh's Mum made it but said that I should keep it.   She said that it would ruin her New Year's Resolution if she stared at it any longer!

Dexter x