Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Recycling Workshop

In February half term, we will be running junk modelling sessions in Havering Libraries.  As with most of our events, we try to get a message across to the children who come and have fun...normally its all around books (obviously), but this time we are doing a dual message.  We will be sharing books about recycling (how it's done, what the processes are etc) but we also needed to learn the "official" recycling message.

Enter the delightful Libbi!   Libbi is from our recycling charity - recycle for your community.  She was great, we spoke about what could and couldn't go into the orange sacks we have in Havering.  Josh's mum has been a bit "over-enthusiastic" with her recycling and was glowing a very unattractive shade of red at the end of this bit!

Of course, after all that chatter we had to get Libbi a nice cuppa!  Errrhmmmmm - I won't mention who then went on to knock said cup of tea all over the table a bit later....lets just say that Josh's Mum seemed to spend much of that session looking an interesting colour!

This was the table during the session!  Libbi gave us lots of suggestions for craft sessions we could do around recycling!  

As ever, I threw myself into the session - literally!  Libbi didn't even spot me - mind you, I was camouflaged!

These are some of the things we made!  A very nice box - the blue and orange one at the front.  Some giftbags - can you see it?  Its just behind me!  Jacky made me a necklace with paper beads - it was very funny watching her make these - whenever she let go of the beads they kept pinging undone again! 

Oh yes - Jacky also gave me a rather fetching rosette/flower!  And insisted I wear it like a hat - what is it with these women?

This was my fave - it was a bag made from a page in a magazine!  Josh's Mum made it but said that I should keep it.   She said that it would ruin her New Year's Resolution if she stared at it any longer!

Dexter x

Monday, 20 December 2010

Decorating for Christmas

 Harold Wood have got a tree...but not any tree...a Christmas tree....and a Summer tree....and an Easter tree.  Here is Viv helping me to reach up and put the star on the top. 

The Mayor was there and even she wasn't allowed to put the star up there...or maybe she couldn't reach, it WAS very high!


See?  What a lovely star!  It was quite breezy up there!

Josh's Mum and Margaret tied the ribbon on - with the help of Frances and "the man from parks".  I am not sure why they left me up the tree!

It was quite prickly!

I was trying to see who kept eating all the mince pies!  I thought I would go undercover!

Hee Hee - not sure Viv was expecting to be spotted helping me!

Ann (big boss lady!) let me drink some of her tea - I was awfully chilly by the time I got back in!   James (a different parks man!) was looking suspiciously full - now, I am not saying HE ate all the mince pies........

Then I spent some time with the Mayor - hmmmmm not sure who she enjoyed cuddling with the most!  Actually...it was me!

Thanks for popping by  Dexter x

Sunday, 19 December 2010

I have been poorly!

I have been a little absent recently --- its because I have been poorly and had to have an operation!  Dragons are rather susceptible to inflamed tonsils (as you can imagine) and that is just what I have been suffering from.  I had to have my tonsils removed, not a very pleasant operation! 

I am recovering very well now and will be posting again soon

Thanks for visiting

Dexter x

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

 I met these two cheeky girls recently.  Oh my - the secrets they whispered!
 BUT - they got very cross when I told them to Josh's Mum!

I was really very sad - but I promised I wouldnt do it again - so they both gave me a lovely cuddle to cheer me up!

So many things to learn!

Dexter x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

On top of the world!

I am feeling so great today!  In fact.......I am feeling "On top of the World"!!!

See Michael.....I said I would do it!

Dexter x

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Full or Empty - which is the best?

 I just cant decide....is it better to see a display thats nearly empty?  It means the books on it were popular and people wanted to take them home.  On the other hand, it looks a little unloved and sad.
Or - is this better?  Lots of books to choose from, great selection.

I think I like the full display better - if I was going shopping then I would rather pick from a full shelf than a half empty one - otherwise I would wonder if I am getting the dregs that no one else wants!

Dexter x

Thursday, 21 October 2010

All the single ladies, all the single ladies!

 I had a blast at the Havering Poets, Poetry Slam!  I met lots of lovely ladies!  And the poetry was pretty good too!..

Every year, Havering Libraries run a poetry competition.  The prize is to be published in the annual Havering Poets Anthology.  Its quite an honour to be selected - and awfully hard work for the judges to decide which ones go through.
 Yay - and here I am with Madam Mayor again!  I was a little bit shy about meeting her again - I think she may have read the bit I wrote before, about me sleeping with her picture under my pillow!
 And yet another gorgeous famous type person!  This lady is our MP Angela Watkinson....I have been held by a Mayor and an MP in the same day!  Be still my beating heart!

These were some of the people who joined in with the poetry slam - lots of people were brave enough to read their own poems out!  WOW!

Josh's dad helped me write this little ditty....

Dexter had a cuddle with Pam
At the Havering Poetry Slam
When Angela found out
She gave a loud shout

.....except we couldnt think of a last line!!!  But, if it helps....SAM CAM might work in some way!

Please tell me if you can complete this little ditty!

dexter x