Tuesday, 31 August 2010

On your marks........

We did the Race for Life for Maree!!!

Whose legs are these?????  Look at those rather fabby trainers.  notice how tiny they are?  Now, take a moment to look at the legs....VERY WHITE!!!  The legs are also very tiny - to go with the tiny trainers, I guess.  SO...lets look at the clues.....
1. White legs - not mine!
2.  Tiny trainers and legs.....not Josh's Mum's!

Can't guess?  Ok - another clue.... the person who "owns" these legs is female!

Still no idea.....

......NICKY!  Libraries's Frontline Services Manager - or one of the big boss ladies!  She came round to get ready for Race for Life - lots of the ladies in libraries did different races to raise money for Cancer Research!  They all did really, really well - and raised lots of money!  They did it in memory of Maree, who I never met...they said she was little, Scottish, chaotic and lovely!  Only ladies are allowed to take part in the races - so, in an effort to sneak in, Nicky brought a pink tshirt for me!  I mean - look at me - I am NEVER going to pass for a GIRL am I???  What do you mean...what are you inferring???  Well, it didnt work!  Nicky and Josh's Mum decided that it wouldnt work, so I was left at home with the PS3 while they walked with the other ladies!

I think I know who got the best of that deal!

Dexter x

Monday, 30 August 2010


You know that I say that I am constantly amazed by how much libraries do that I didnt expect them to do?  Well this is another of those cases....MAPS!  Who knew?  I was sitting looking out of South Hornchurch Library the other day and I was talking about where we were and what the road was called and Michael told me I should look at it on a map!
This was a little map - and it showed me where I was in relation to the borough of Havering...but I wanted to get a bigger picture......so Michael to the rescue....

Now THIS is what I call a map!  I could see exactly where we were - its an.....hang on....ALLDEENANTS SIRVAY map.  Oh sorry...Ordnance Survey map - sometimes I misunderstand the accents around here! Now....where IS "here"?

Dexter x

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Day Out and FAME!!!

I have been NUDGED by Josh's Mum to finally put this post up!  During the summer holidays, we went to London and went on one of the topless buses (is that right??? TOPLESS???).  It was a lovely day and we got to see all the famous places in London.

I travelled in this rather pink bag!!!  Josh's Mum said that I would never keep up if I walked and I am not allowed to fly (it causes too much of a fuss!), so I had to be carried!  To start with, I was mortified at the thought, but, as the day wore on and I got tired, I actually quite enjoyed it.  Next time, I really hope they use a different colour bag though!

Josh's Mum says she loves this picture of the two of us - aw shucks!

Peek-a-boo!  Hee hee! 

The sun was quite bright so Josh lent me his "shades" - they didnt fit too well, but were ok as long as I only tried to look through one side!

Josh's Mum decorated Josh's knees - and ankles!  Apparently, Josh's Mum had got bored while waiting in the car park for cheap parking to start...it was only 5 minutes and saved us £5!!!   You REALLY dont want to let Josh's Mum get bored!!!  Josh's Dad just sighed when he saw it - I think this sort of thing happens quite alot!

I know this looks like an example of really bad photography....but, it was taken while we were moving...and the guide man was talking about me!!!  He was saying that whenever you cross the borders into the City of London there are dragons!!!  So, Josh's Dad held me up and I had my picture taken.  The guide introduced me to everyone on the bus - I was nearly as red as the bus by the time everyone had said hello!!!

The day we went was the same day that they launched the bike hire scheme in London (I told you I was late posting this!).  Of course, I had to get my picture taken ON one of the bikes.  They were not very comfortable for me - and I really would not have been able to reach the pedals - so they are not for me!

After the bus trip, we went on a boat down to Greenwich - this was us having lunch.  I especially liked the chilli nuts!

After lunch, we had a wander around the craft market and met this lovely lady!  She makes things from felt and also gives lovely cuddles!  Can you see all the beautiful things she has made?

Josh, his mum and I then had a go at making felt strawberries!  They were such fun to do...Josh's Mum bought a kit to use at home!  She is a bit crafty....I don't mean sneaky (well apart from when there is chocolate!) ...no, she likes making things.  She has made a mobile phone case from the felt - I dont like it very much but she does so I guess thats good!

This was the lady holding me up so that I could get a better look at HER dragon.  It was awfully good - and can you see the angel????

Oh - and I am famous!!!  The wonderful Tom Meeks has linked my blog to his blog...or his blog to my blog...oh, I dont know!  Josh's Mum has just told me that you will have no idea who Tom is...well he is a lovely man who has been testing a machine that Josh's Mum is thinking about getting.  I wont link to his blog from here - in case the boss tells me off (!!!!) - but if you find it and visit, make sure you say Hi from Dexter!

I am going to go and have some tea now!

Dexter x

Sunday, 22 August 2010

An Old Friend!

I know that lots of you used to follow Monkey Monkey on his blog - if you don't know who Monkey Monkey is...he is my predecessor in Havering Libraries.  As you know, or don't, he went off on holiday to China and stayed out there because he met a lovely lady called Lulabelle!  Well - he came back to the UK for a short break last week - and he brought Lulabelle with him.  It was so great seeing them both.

This is us all crammed in the back of Josh's Mum's car!  It was quite a squeeze and we had to share the seatbelt!

We thought it might be a nice surprise for Josh's Mum if we took the car round to the carwash for her!  Its really dirty!  But we had a bit of a problem with the driving bit....Monkey did the pedals, I could just about reach the steering wheel with Lulabelle behind me pushing me forward....but there was no way we could see out the windscreen!

Yes - they ARE very much in love - and YES it did get a teensy bit tedious!

.... I mean, they are both lovely - and Lulabelle is so sweet and kind....... but I did feel a bit of a strawberry!

Oh no - sorry - a GOOSEBERRY! 

Monkey took so me time checking out the wildlife that we should be spotting!

But they were facing the wrong way and didnt see anything!

And then they were off again!

I was looking the right way (despite them!) and saw 3 ducks, a swan - and a bit of rubbish!

No - they didnt have a terrible accident - they were looking at me.....

...up in the tree! Knew I would stop their kanoodling for a little while!

After our failure with driving the car, Josh helped me to push the two love birds around!  We did giggle alot....Monkey kept screaming that we were going too fast...hee hee....I mean, these carts are so safe, they couldnt possible tip over....

I got quite tired pushing - so Ebony said she would give me a ride too!

....and then it happened.....shock, horror...the pain!

A word to the wise....dont mess around with shopping trollies!!! Ouch!


Monday, 16 August 2010


I popped into South Hornchurch library and saw this wonderful display up - I just had to take a closer look.  I didnt realise dragons could get hayfever, but, within a few minutes of sitting here, I was sneezing all over the place....let me tell you that mucous is not good when you have flames!
And then this lovely lady came to my rescue....she  just grabbed Michael's hayfever tablets and whizzed over to me with them!

She read all the directions to me (to make sure I was ok to take them - you have to be very careful with tablets!).  Then she gave me a glass of water and I took one - the dose said two, but I am not very big and I didnt want them to make me too sleepy!

They worked so well that Cynthia (the flower) and I were able to have a lovely time together!

Dexter x

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Space Hop!!!

Oh my word - we have been just so busy this last week that I havent had time to blog at all!  The Reader Development Team have been joining in with Playfest - this is a great thing.  Playfest is like a travelling fun factory - we take the mobile library, climbing wall, inflatable assault course, bouncy castle, facepainting, Wellgate Community Farm, circus skills and put them in a different park each day for five days!  We were so busy that I didnt have time to get any photos - but actually, they would, pretty much, have been the same as the ones for Harold Hill Festival...so you could just pop back and look at them!

  Our Summer Reading Challenge is the Space Hop - I know, you already know that!  But, did you know just how much "stuff" we get through for it?  This is a picture of me when it first arrived - in fact, there are some boxes missing from this photo (the golden medals come separately because they are so precious!).

The team all get special hats to wear when they go to assemblies in schools - we go out and visit every primary school in Havering and do assemblies or visits into classes to tell them about the Space Hop.  Unfortunately, my hat was a little large for me!

You can also see the special bags we have this year (some of these will be given away as prizes) and, if you look at my wrist, we have glow in the dark wristbands.  I love these so much - I still have my one on my bed!
The children doing the challenge (they have to read 6 books and tell us about them - then they get a certificate and medal in school)...all get one of these fabby cards - they are sooooo cool! 

Looook - they change when you move them!
How fab are these?  I am going to keep one in my "special things" box.  The children also get a wallchart and stickers too!  How lucky are they?  Mind you, some of the stickers are scratch n sniff - they all smell horrible - even the chocolate one!  They are definitely NOT going into my box!

Going to go and play with my wristband now - Josh is so jealous because he wants one!

Dexter x