Wednesday, 23 June 2010



I promised Michael, over at South Hornchurch Library, that I would put these photos up if England got through the group matches!  AND here they are!!!

Obviously, to start with, I had mixed loyalties - coming from America but living here.  However, I decided to support the same team as Michael - he is waaaaay taller than me!

See what I mean?

This is Michael being patriotic!

This is Michael after the match with USA!  Sneaky titter!

And this was Michael today!!!

He has a biiiiiig smile!!!

He was holding me quite tightly, so I smiled too!

I think it all went to his head a little, teensie, tiny bit! But don't tell him I said so!

We were really pleased with how well "the lads" did!  We even did a little dance around!

I was quite tired out after all the excitement! 

Josh's Mum has just asked me to make it clear that we were shouting, cheering, laughing and ...... errrmmmm sleeping .... in our own time and were not being paid to do so!!! 

And she also told me that I have to mention books.....we have alot of them....

Oh - yes - and lots of brilliant football ones!!!

Nighty Night

Dexter x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Another day, another party!

OK - we don't have a party everyday...although we did today!  We had a beach party at Gidea Park Library to commemorate National Bookstart Day.  Bookstart is a program whereby every child in the country is given 3 packs of books before they are even 5 years old!  Yep, free and gratis!  To find out more about Bookstart then click on the link!

This is me and the birthday boy! - AND Jacky - we love Jacky, she gives the bestest cuddles!

Doesn't the library look bright behind us?

This is myself and my mate on one of the chairs - he kept giving me cuddles - friendly chap!

Oh - and the ladies are Margaret and Viv - they, along with Jacky, were there to lead the session!

Can you see me???  I have a seat all to myself!  Margaret doesn't usually wear shades - its just that it was a beach party!  So she was getting in the spirit!

We were singing Twinkle Twinkle!

Hmmmm - Bookstart Bear started stealing the limelight a little - but I suppose it was his special day!

Look!  Jacky played the guitar!!!  And she did it very well too!  She used to be a music teacher before she came to work in libraries  - we are all so glad that she decided to make the change!

This was Alice doing Incy Wincy Spider - look at her fingers!!!

And again!

Yes well - I think Josh's Mum was a bit too impressed with her!!

This looks a little random - but its a picture of some of the children (and parents) doing Row Row Row Your Boat - and at the end the children "see a crocodile" and scream!  Luckily, this young lady knew it was coming so she clapped her hands over her ears quick!

I wish I had known it was coming - all the screaming  made my ears buzz a bit!

And another rhyme in action - Head, shoulders knees.....this little girl was doing the "eyes and ears and mouth and nose" bit!

I have no idea why this is so impressive!  We dragons are able to do all of these things and soooo much more as soon as we hatch!  Still, maybe little people are a bit different.

!!!!!!!!!!!!  Josh's Mum has just told me that little people don't hatch!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No - that can't be right....she must be joking!!!  I need to go and grab a book about all this!!!!

All the children got to take a special goodie bag home with a colouring pack, some rhyme sheets, books and a piece of cake.  I must say, I was flagging a little by this time!

These people didn't want to go home!!!  They just wanted to stay and sing!  It was lovely to see the "elders" with the children too.

And here was the youngest party-goer!!  Olivia Beth.  See, there is no way that what Josh's Mum told me could be true - I just know she is teasing and I will find out tomorrow that Olivia hatched out of her egg!

Her hatching date was only 3 and a half weeks ago and she has been coming, with her big brother Alex, to Baby Bounce at our libraries since she was born!

Alex and I are good friends already!

I spent a little time with him, after the party, playing around the library - we were being superheroes!  We saved the world and then it was time to go home!

Dexter x

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Well, my presentation went fine in the end!  In fact, we had a blast!

I had to help Josh's Mum with getting the computer set up - we had a whizzy presentation with video and allsorts embedded in it!  OK - I have no idea what the "embedded" bit means, but no one seems to have realised that yet!

So, what is it with Libraries and biscuits?

Very nice Louise got me a hot chocolate too - the machine was so complicated - the drink was inside a plastic sachet and I nearly burnt my hands on it - so Louise got me a special holder for the cup!

Then Louise gave me another drink - she said it was grape juice.
It tasted yummy - hic!

The hot chocolate that I had earlier, made my legs go all rubbery!  So Louise (I liked her alot!) gave me a whizz on this trolley.  She said it was the trollley they wheel all their sweet treats around on.  She went very fast!  But I helped her pick up the lady she knocked over!

Louise thought I had bumped myself so kissed it better for me....she has lovely eyes, don't you think?

Errhhhmmmmm - hmmmm...cough!

Thanks for looking


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Bit nervous!

No - not nervous of Ella!!! She as showing me her favourite book!  Do you think we both have the same smile?

No - I am nervous because Josh's Mum and I have been asked to speak at London Libraries's Reader Development SwapShop Day!  Or LLRDSSD as I prefer to call it!  It's on Thursday and we were both working on the Powerpoint for it today.

Now, being a dragon of few words (!!!!), I am a little nervous about standing up in front of all those people - and Josh's Mum said that we are going to show pictures of my blog and possibly even do a live link to it!

NOW do you know why I am so nervous?????

I will let you know how I get on!

Dexter x

Friday, 4 June 2010

Bedtime in the library!

Oh wow - Josh's Mum has such a cool job - and so do I now!  This was the bedtime story session at Gidea Park library last night!  The children turned up in their pyjamas and brought along their cuddlies, pillows, blankies etc.

You can just see me peeping out of the quilt - and who is that next to me????  YES it's MONKEY!  He is now back in the country!  He said he might pop in from time to time!

This was me helping with the colouring in - that little boy kept putting his finger up his nose!  If I put my finger up my nose it gets singed!

His mummy made Josh's Mum take another photo without his finger up his nose!  I really liked his sister's dressing gown!  I think I would look good in it!

The children all made paper beds with little people inside them!  I liked the colour of this cat!

The record for squeezing the most people in bed and still being able to see them all was 7.  This was won by one of the older boys who came along.

This young lady was helping me to pick the people who were going to sleep in the bed that I made..... unfortunately, I sneezed on them and they.. kind of....burnt!  Thank goodness I didnt sneeze on Monkey!

The children all had stories read to them - there were quite a few about bogies and poo! 

And after their juice and cookies - they all went to sleep!  You can see Monkey in this picture too!  And yours truely - that pillow was very comfortable!