Thursday, 21 October 2010

All the single ladies, all the single ladies!

 I had a blast at the Havering Poets, Poetry Slam!  I met lots of lovely ladies!  And the poetry was pretty good too!..

Every year, Havering Libraries run a poetry competition.  The prize is to be published in the annual Havering Poets Anthology.  Its quite an honour to be selected - and awfully hard work for the judges to decide which ones go through.
 Yay - and here I am with Madam Mayor again!  I was a little bit shy about meeting her again - I think she may have read the bit I wrote before, about me sleeping with her picture under my pillow!
 And yet another gorgeous famous type person!  This lady is our MP Angela Watkinson....I have been held by a Mayor and an MP in the same day!  Be still my beating heart!

These were some of the people who joined in with the poetry slam - lots of people were brave enough to read their own poems out!  WOW!

Josh's dad helped me write this little ditty....

Dexter had a cuddle with Pam
At the Havering Poetry Slam
When Angela found out
She gave a loud shout

.....except we couldnt think of a last line!!!  But, if it helps....SAM CAM might work in some way!

Please tell me if you can complete this little ditty!

dexter x

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